Bryan reaches the top of Cotopaxi volcano!

Bryan reaches the top of Cotopaxi volcano!

The day starts early for our three adventurers – at midnight. After a small breakfast they are preparing to embark into the darkness. Bryan, Anastasia, Yong Siew and their guides all are highly motivated and in a good mood. The weather seems to be generous as well, but no one knows better than the Guides how fast it changes in the mountains – wind, sun, rain or snow, everything is possible. The ascent over 1000 meters of altitude will take approximately 6 to 8 hours. The last 300 m in altitude are leading over glaciers and include several climbing passages.

Anastasia reaches 5350 m – an impressive achivement. Yong Siew even reaches 5750 m, where the extremely hard last passage starts. Bryan and Guide Fernando in the light of the rising sun, reach the top of the Cotopaxi volcano. The moments on the top are definitely indemnifying the effort! The view over the clouds shows the tops of the surrounding mountains below. Furthermore it is possible to have a look into the crater of Cotopaxi.

Bryan und Guide Fernando on top of Cotopaxi volcano (5897 m) – exhausted, but lucky!

Slowly they start the descent to the Refuge, which takes about 2 to 3 hours. After some well-earned food and some rest, we continue the decent to the car and drive to the city of Baños (1800 m), where there is a lot of time to process the unique experiences made and relax in the hotel.

For sure this was a day Bryan, Anastasia and Yong Siew will remember for all of their lives.