Get to know 7 Ecuadorian peaks and enjoy the  adventures of altitude

Get to know 7 Ecuadorian peaks and enjoy the adventures of altitude

The Ecuadorian peaks developed into sceneries of interest for adventurers and mountaineers from all over the world.  More than 70 volcanoes and mountains a situated in the so-called “Volcano Avenue” which stretches over the country from north to south.

Now, in midst the season of mountaineering, the peaks show themselves in all their magnificence due to the favorable climatic conditions in Ecuador. We want to use this opportunity to introduce you to some of the endless opportunities to experience the breathtaking altitudes of the inter-Andean valley.  

Chimborazo: The volcano Chimborazo is the highest mountain of Ecuador as well as the farthest point from the center of earth. It’s top reaches up 6.268 masl into the sky and is therefore a spectacular natural viewpoint. The Chimborazo is located in the Natural Reserve “Reserva de Producción de Fauna Chimborazo”, surrounded by an area of many hectares abundant of wildlife. Apart from countless species of plants, Vicunas and Achupallas inspirit the meadows and forests.

Cayambe: At 5.790 masl the highest of the three peaks of volcano Cayambe is located, the third highest peak of Ecuador and one of the few volcanoes, which travers the equator line. To climb Cayambe require a lot of physical preparation and you need to pass glaciers, rocks and large sandy areas. Froe the Refuge “Ruales Oleas Berge” which is located 4.600 masl you can already obtain a spectacular panoramic view of many of the other snow-covered peaks of the volcano Avenue. 

Antisana: The largest glacier of Ecuador is located on the 5.704 masl high volcano Antisana. The two peaks of Antisana can be admired from Papallacta area or also from the Mica lagoon, a great spot to go hiking, biking or camping.

Cotopaxi: Cotopaxi is one of the highest active volcanoes worldwide (5.897). Its symmetric cone makes it also one of the most beautiful ones. To it’s feet the Cotopaxi National Park stretches out in all directions, a perfect spot to enjoy the diversity of the Andean landscapes. Hiking up to the José Rivas Refuge alongside the volcano flanks or visiting the Limpiopungo lagoon are one of the most popular activities here.

Los Illinizas: The Illinizas are two divided peaks of one and the same volcano. The twin mountains represent the perfect scenery for those searching acclimatization hikes to climb higher mountains later on. 

Altar: Although now inactive, the Altar was considered a super volcano before. Its peaks were the highest of Ecuador until an enormous landslide affected its appearance and shortened it down to 5.319 masl. In its crater the yellow lagoon is located, a natural miracle surrounded by peaks in form of an altar.

Sangay: The Sangay (5.300 masl) is the most southern volcano of Ecuador, located between the Andes and the Amazonas Area. Stories are telling that in former days the natives of the área witnessed its violent eruptions and therefore called it Sangay, which means scare.

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