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Is previous glacier experience necessary?

Having previous glacier experience is not required. However, we recommend that you join one of our best acclimatization and ascent programs containing basic mountain skills, as previous mountaineering training helps you enjoy the overall experience. Is also important that you try out your mountaineering gear prior to joining the adventure. If you don’t have your own gear, we have equipment available for rent.

When is the best time to Climb Cotopaxi?

A). In Ecuador you can Climb all year-round, but these are the seasons

  • High Season: June to August / December to January
  • Low season: February to May / September to November

B). Likewise, weather forecasts are very unpredictable. Therefore, we recommend being prepared for all types of weather

Do I really need rescue insurance?

We strongly urge you to purchase travel and accident insurance. We recommend Global Rescue for both types of insurance.

Is Cotopaxi a dangerous mountain?

A). The routes we climb are relatively safe. The biggest challenges are the high altitude and the physical demand. Some groups try to ascend too quickly and do not take the time to acclimatize. We do not have this issue because our itinerary has been carefully planned over years of experience working in low oxygen environments.


What kind of gear, clothing and equipment do I need to bring?

A). We will provide you with a detailed kit list.

Is it safe to leave bags in the base camp?

A). Yes, you can leave a bag of items not needed in our base camp. You can also leave valuable items in the safe.

What route do we climb on?

A). Depending on the glacial conditions we will follow the safest route to the top. We also leave from the refuge at 4864 m./15,958 ft for all our summit attempts.


How do I prepare for high altitude?

A). Acclimatization is extremely important and should be taken seriously. No matter how physicially fit you are, it is important to follow the acclimatization process for a successful climb. B). There are some very specific training strategies you should be following. Always pick the itinerary with more acclimatization built in. After that, you need a training plan that focuses on strength and endurance. We will pace the trip at a lower heart rate so we can perform for longer periods of time. You need to be comfortable hiking for 6+ hours. Building up the weight you carry in your backpack at sea level helps build endurance, strength and cardio, which stress tests your body for high altitude. At Cotopaxi Travel, we can help you learn more about how to prepare for your high-altitude adventure.

Do you have training advice?

A). You can learn more about training by signing up for one of our programs, including a training course in Cotopaxi.

Can I pay with credit card?

A). Yes, you can.


Develop a personalized training plan: Mountaineering requires multiple types of training, each focusing on a different need:
-Cardio workouts to improve the overall fitness level of your heart and lungs.
-Interval sessions to boost your ability to process more oxygen with each breat.
-Strength and endurance exercises so you can haul a heavy load and sustain physical output for many hours.
-Balance and flexibility training because you need both for mountaineering.
-Hiking days to extend your training into real-world situations.

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