Reserva Ecológica Los Ilinizas

Los Ilinizas son un conjunto montañoso que se ubica en los límites de las provincias de Cotopaxi y Pichincha, compartiendo su territorio con Latacunga y Sigchos (en sus faldas occidentales), Los Ilinizas presenta dos elevaciones rocosas de gran tamaño y formando parte de la Reserva Ecológica. Se piensa que antiguamente eran una sola elevación, pero las …

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Cajas National Park Day Activity

In between our travels of the cities located in Ecuador, on a tour organized by Cotopaxi-Travel, our group stopped to take a hike through the beautiful Cajas National Park, located in the province of Azuay. Our guide, Fernando Iza, dropped us on the path, right off the highway. We slowly meandered through this highland, observing …

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Day Trip at Ingapirca

If passing through, the town of Ingapirca is definitely worth exploring. I booked this day trip with Cotopaxi-Travel. Located close to Cuenca, it is possible to make this a half day trip outside of Cuenca. Possessing ancient ruins of the Incans and the indigenous Cañari peoples, it is possible to take an hour-long tour through …

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Hiking El Corazón

We began our day around 7AM, awaking for breakfast at the Andes Alpes Hostal. We packed our things and headed out around 7:30, arriving at the entrance at 8AM on the dot. We arrived at the gate even before the gatekeeper arrived there. After paying the 2$ entrance fee, we continued on, driving uphill to …

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Day Trip in Alausí

If one has the time when visiting Ecuador, a visit to the small city of Alausí is definitely one that should be made, and organizing this day trip with Cotopaxi-Travel could not have been easier. Situated in the province of Chimborazo, this city boasts a population of 45,000. Visiting in the beginning of January, the …

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